Paying it forward matters. We're not talking intangible, touchy-feely karma. We're talking real-world, practical life and career benefits.
Meeting invitations are important, too.
A funny story about being the customerListen now (7 min) | Sometimes you're the vendor. Sometimes you're the customer. Here's a funny story about a recent customer experience of mine.
When everything's a P1, nothing is.
The start of that phone call or Zoom is really important.
More specifically: The power that your awesomeness can have on others.
Which posts should be for paying subscribers only? How often should I publish for them? And other things more applicable to your own life.
Give yourself unfair advantages that work only for you.
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I’m Walking Here
I’m Walking Here
Liz Gumbinner
Ironic Sans
Ironic Sans
David Friedman
The Gene Pool
The Gene Pool
Gene Weingarten

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