Paying it forward matters. We're not talking intangible, touchy-feely karma. We're talking real-world, practical life and career benefits.
Meeting invitations are important, too.
A funny story about being the customerListen now (7 min) | Sometimes you're the vendor. Sometimes you're the customer. Here's a funny story about a recent customer experience of mine.
When everything's a P1, nothing is.
The start of that phone call or Zoom is really important.
More specifically: The power that your awesomeness can have on others.
Which posts should be for paying subscribers only? How often should I publish for them? And other things more applicable to your own life.
Give yourself unfair advantages that work only for you.
Lextra Credit: It BeginsListen now (4 min) | Hey, it's the first Lextra Credit podcast episode. No one knows what this is yet. Including me.
I'm a good negotiator. It's because I don't play games.
It's like the placebo effect. Even if you know you're telling yourself a story, the story can really work.

December 2022

I was thinking about the importance of habits before I made the connection that New Year's resolutions are kind of similar.