Sitemap - 2023 - Your Intermittent Lex

Take a break, or keep working — if that works for you

Eschew obfuscation

Real prospects don't ghost — even if they have objections

When to fire, when to quit

Be carefully annoying

Work emergencies

Dealing with the know-it-all prospect

Resist the urge to force people onto your mailing list

The late followup email

Expanding on the kindly brontosaurus

Trust me

A trick for staying top of mind

Okay, but sometimes, don't be Mr. Rogers

Woo vs. Yeahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

Talking rates isn't sleazy

Shaping your life outlook

Channel your inner Mr. Rogers

Nervousness and confidence and the power of being you

Keeping your own attention in meetings with notes

Drawing insights from fear

Lextra Credit: Practicing how you handle fear

A poll for paying subscribers

More thoughts on directness — including support, protection, and sexism

The skill and value of being direct

You should stop procrastinating

Video: You should stop procrastinating

Just say no sometimes

Negotiation is a conversation

You deserve to be treated better

Decisiveness is incredibly important — and greatly appreciated

Pricing is really hard.

On hot goss and spilling the tea

Thank you. Seriously.

My email with a 100% response rate

“I don’t know” is more powerful than you think

The customer is always something: On dealing with difficult customers

Be generous with yourself, too

Be generous with your time

Calendar etiquette

A funny story about being the customer

How to prioritize important tasks

The magic of a good opener

The power of awesomeness

Making tough decisions

Cheat codes

Lextra Credit: It Begins

On Transparency

Play mind games with yourself